Share Link
This is the fastest way to share. Just copy the link to your clipboard and send it to anyone anywhere. To control your default permissions and privacy settings check your settings and this help document.

Copy Image to Clipboard
This is also a quick and easy way to share a markup. You just copy and paste into just about any tool (email, sms, slack, Evernote, etc.) and bam, shared. This is a good option if you don’t have a need to edit or change the markup and have it update automatically for the user you shared with. It’s also good if the person you shared with doesn’t need to append markup to yours.

Download Image
If you need the actual image saved to your computer, this method will do just that. Note if you are on a multipage markup this will only download the current page as an image.

Export PDF 
If you need to download a multipage markup this is your best option. Exporting as PDF combines all the markup pages into one PDF document.

Duplicate Markup
If you have a Hero or Superhero plan you can duplicate and edit any markup that is shared with you.