Screenshot to Notion is a free plugin from Markup Hero that supercharges Notion with instant website and scrolling screenshots embedded directly into documents and databases. 

Then add powerful annotation tools on screenshots, images and PDF's with real-time updates direction inside Notion.

It's free, and no sign-up is required. Or upgrade to our paid version is $4/month for tons of pro features. Read below for a coupon code to try pro for free!

PRO TIP: You'll want our free Chrome Extension and Desktop App to get the most out of Markup Hero. View these helpful videos to learn more about our desktop app for MAC or PC.

  1. First go to and click on integrations then click on Notion Integration
  2. Next click Add Integration
  3. This will open the Google Chrome Web Store where you can install the extension
  4. Once installed, it’s a good idea to pin the extension for quick access.
  5. Do this by clicking the little puzzle piece icon on the top of Chrome, scroll down until you see Screenshot to Notion, and click the little pin icon
  6. Once the extension is pinned, you will see the icon with a little M at the top of Chrome, click it to get started
  7. First you must give the Chrome extension access to your Notion workspace. Click Authorize Integration and select which workspaces you want, then select which pages.
  8. It’s best to select all pages here so you can add screenshots to anything in Notion, but you can always edit this later or disable access from the Notion Settings under My Connections
  9. Now there are 2 screenshot options to choose from:
    1. Screenshot  will take a snap of exactly what is showing in your browser tab at that moment, up to the fold, but nothing else
    2. Scrolling Screenshot will take a snap of the entire webpage in the current tab by scrolling to the bottom of the page.
  10. After you take a screenshot, you will be prompted to choose which page in Notion you want to embed the screenshot in. This works exactly how your are used to searching for pages in Notion. Select Existing Page then choose the workspace and search for the page you want to use. Or select New Page to create a blank page inside a page or database.
  11. Click the Embed button and that’s it. It’ll open the Notion page with the screenshot embeded.
  12. Now for the fun part, adding annotations. This has been one of the few missing features of Notion since day one. Click the Annotate button on the top left of the newly embedded screenshot. This will open the Markup Hero annotation editor in your default browser.
  13. There are tons of annotation options to choose from like:
  14. Starting with popular markup tools like:
    1. Markup Tools - Text, Callout, Arrow, Pen, Line, Shapes, Highlight
    2. Editing Tools - Crop, Blur, Colors, Sizes, Multi-Select, Zoom
    3. Insert Images - Add images or other screenshots to any markup
    4. Multiple Pages - Add, remove and reorder pages just like a PDF
    5. Sharing - Copy links for email, SMS, Slack, social media, + more
    6. Copy to Clipboard - Paste screenshot with annotations anywhere
    7. Download & Export - Save as an image or PDF to your computer
    8. Stay Organized - Title screenshots, organize in folders, and search
    9. Privacy - Share links anyone can view, private to you or enable collab
    10. Collaborate - Allow others to add annotations to your screenshots
  15. Here’s the best part, your newly annotated image is NOT flattened. That means you can make changes to annotations later and those will be reflected in Notion.
  16. Try going to View Screenshot History to see a list of all your past screenshots with the ability to add and edit them.

PRO TIP: If you don’t see the workspace or page you’re looking for, click the re-authorize button to sync your Notion account.

You’ll want to explore Markup Hero more as it can be a great companion to Notion and there are great many use cases for this Extension. Take a look at more of our how-to videos to learn more about Markup Hero. 

Screenshot to Notion and Markup Hero have forever free accounts. You may choose to upgrade to our pro version once you see what else is possible, but for now, at least make a free account so everything is saved across your Notion and Chrome sessions.