Keeping anything organized is important, but with Markup Hero it’s extra valuable because your markups and annotations are editable forever.

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  1. That means you can save markups that you use frequently and make changes to the annotations anytime.
  2. Every other screenshot and annotation tool out there “flattens” your annotations after you finish. That means it’s locked in. If you need to change something even a few minutes later, you have to start over. Not with Markup Hero.
  3. So you can see, organizing and finding past markups is pretty key.
  4. Start by adding a title to your markup so it’s searchable from the my markups screen.
  5. Then try adding markups to collections. This can be done on an individual markup screen.
  6. And it can be done in bulk from the my markups screen by clicking the checkboxes and choosing collections.
  7. Then navigate to the specific collection to see all the markups included there.
  8. Click the star icon to favorite a markup, then use the filter buttons limit results by starred and markup method like screenshot or PDF