No other screenshot and annotation tool out there enables you to add multiple pages to your markup. It works very much like Adobe Acrobat does.

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  1. If you upload a PDF with multiple pages, you’ll immediately see those pages shown in the page navigator on the side of your markup.
  2. And if you start with a single page like a screenshot or uploading an image, you won’t see the page navigator until you add another page.
  3. Click the add page button and either upload, drag or paste an image or PDF to create the next page.
  4. You can even use the Clipboard Screenshot (CMD + SHIFT + 2) to take a screenshot and instantly paste it as a new page.
  5. Or you can copy a link to another markup and insert that markup as a new page
  6. You can drag to re-order pages, delete the ones you don’t need and copy or download individual pages as a PNG or JPG. Or download the entire set of pages as a PDF.