You don’t always need to share your markups, but when you do, Markup Hero gives you a bunch of options here.

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  1. First off, you can download a markup as a JPG, PNG or PDF. If you’re working with a multi-page markup, you’ll want to download as a PDF to ensure you get all the pages.
  2. Next you may just want to copy the markup, along with all of your annotations, to the clipboard. This is useful when you want to quickly share in a communication tool like Slack or paste into a document or email.
  3. Finally you can share a link, pretty much anywhere. Sharing a link to a markup has several advantages.
    1. First, you are sharing a live link to the most current version of the markup. And because you can edit and change a markup at anytime, whenever someone clicks on the link, they’ll see the most up to date annotations. It works just like Google Docs in that way.
    2. Second, you can create expiring links when you don’t want people to be able to access your markup forever
    3. You can also set a markup permission to private at any time. This will cause anyone with the link to get a 404 error when trying to view after that.