After you’ve taken a screenshot, uploaded a PDF or image or snapped a website, it’s time to add annotations.

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  1. First up are the markup tools.
  2. There’s
    1. Text
    2. Arrows
    3. Callouts
  3. Then
    1. Lines
    2. Drawing with Pen
    3. Highlighter
  4. And
    1. Rectangle
    2. Oval
  5. You can easily change the color and thickness
  6. Permanently hide private information with blur
  7. Try pasting an image into your markup. This can be done by selecting from your computer or just by copying and pasting from the web or other sources
  8. And even add a signature
  9. Undo and redo work by clicking the icons or just using the normal keyboard shortcuts
  10. And once you are familiar with all of the tools in Markup Hero you can start using the hotkeys to speed up your workflow