Markup Hero has a forever free account, which is great for a lot of users. We also offer a paid premium version that is well worth the $4 per month. So what’s the difference between the free and paid accounts?

PRO TIP: You'll want our free Chrome Extension and Desktop App to get the most out of Markup Hero. View these helpful videos to learn more about our desktop app for MAC or PC.

  1. To get the Markup Hero free account all you need to do is signup with an email and password. You’ll never be asked to enter a credit card until you’re ready to upgrade.
  2. The free account allows you to take screenshots with the Chrome Extension or the Desktop app, upload images and PDF’s, annotate markups and share.
  3. The free account does have a few limitations, first there are several annotation tools you won’t have access to:
    1. Blur
    2. Inserting Images
    3. Adding Signatures
    4. Cropping the Canvas
    5. Adding Additional Pages
  4. Next, the free account doesn’t allow for exporting to PDF’s, although you can still upload PDF’s and annotate them
  5. You won’t be able to customize sharing and privacy settings, so when you share a link, it will always be visible to anyone with the link
  6. You can’t enable multi-user collaboration, which is a really powerful feature. Check out the link to the video on collaboration at the bottom of this help page.
  7. You won’t be able to organize your markups with titles so you can search or add markups to collections
  8. And you can’t add team members or have centralized billing capabilities
  9. Finally, with the free account, you are limited to 30 total markups you can create and save and markups can’t be larger than 8MB. You can always delete markups you don’t need to free up space to create more, but if you’re doing more than a few per day, you’ll likely keep hitting that cap.
  10. The paid version of Markup Hero gives you all of the above, but more importantly you are supporting a bootstrapped startup and enable the ongoing development of more features and capabilities for our community of 100K users
  11. $4 per month is pretty affordable, but we’re happy to give you a coupon code to save even more. Check the link at the bottom of this help document for that.