Nimbus is a decent option for free screenshot and annotations, but there are limitations and you might find Markup Hero as a better alternative. Here are some key differentiators: 

  1. Nimbus is a Chrome Extension only - This is useful because no desktop app to install, but limited in some of the things you can do outside the browser.
  2. Forever editable markups - This is a big difference. Nimbus and most other screenshot tools flatten your markups so they can never be edited. Markup Hero allows you to edit forever
  3. Collections - Organize your markups with tags/collections.
  4. Teams - Create a team and invite team members (AppSumo Only for now). Many more team sharing features coming soon.
  5. Markup Hero is purpose built and focused  - This is all we do, so our development team is exclusively focused on building better tools around screenshots, annotations, collaboration, sharing, etc.
  6. Other unique features include - insert image, multi-page markups, permanent blur, file upload (image, PDF) and annotation, Google Sheets/Docs/Slides annotation, Canvas cropping.