We all used Snagit before, it's been around for decades it seems. And it has a deep feature set. But our users see some issues with it and like Markup Hero as an alternative for several reasons.

  1. Bloated and Overwhelming: Snagit is that it's just SOOOOO much. It's getting to be like Photoshop. It's useful, if I need to make crazy crazy annotated graphics and designs.
  2. Speed: For most of us, speed and efficiency is paramount for 90% of my screenshots and annotations. Using Snagit for those use cases is just cumbersome and frustrating. For those 10% where you need to go so much deeper on annotation and manipulation, then either break out Sngait or probably just use Photoshop.

    Our philosophy is to build out the features that cover 80-90% of use cases. So yes, there are features we still need to build, and we are, like cropping for example, and blur and steps tool. But we're always going to keep speed and productivity at the heart of what we build.
  3. Collaboration: We are moving more into the business/team/collaboration realm where sharing, editing, duplicating, commenting and other things are important and Snagit is really designed to be used in a Silo... just like Photoshop.
  4. Access Anywhere: Being web based, Markup Hero can be used on any computer, any device (desktop or mobile) and all of your past designs are right there waiting for you.
  5. Integrations: We continue to add real integrations that allow users to "open with" like our Slack and Google Drive plugins. These allow you to one-click open in Markup Hero and annotate files. Very efficient.