ShareX is a mature screen capture and annotation tool no doubt. And there is some overlap with Markup Hero. And ShareX does provide quite a bit of capturing options and customization. But it's not for everyone.

  1. Windows Only: It only works on Windows so no Mac, no mobile, no web, no Chromebook, no Linux.
  2. Open Source: ShareX is an open source application, which for some techy users is a nice thing. And the dev community is pretty active. But it's also pretty technical and not really as business or professional friendly as traditional SaaS offerings.

Open source products exist in just about every major software category, and they'll always have a place. For example, there's Slack and there's Wire. There's Asana and there's Open Project. And of course there's Windows/Mac and there's Linux. For a segment of users, these options are amazing. And ShareX is perfect for such users.

For other users, who might not use all the deep capture methods or cloud storage options and just want something ultra clean, easy to understand, with core features that cover 80% of use cases and from a company that is focused on a user feedback driven roadmap, the pay-for SaaS solutions like Markup Hero are a better fit. It's just preference.

And there are things that ShareX does that Markup Hero doesn't. And vice-versa. Alternative file format annotations like PDF, Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, websites, etc. that MH offers may be useful.

Our integration approach of "open with" like we do with Slack or Google Drive (more coming) is unique to MH. Our forthcoming "teams" features will be valuable to larger orgs. The good thing both products have free versions. You can use almost all of MH's features on the free HERO account. Just limitation on # of markups per month.

So you can test both and compare what you like.