Screenpresso is a nice tool, and we've used it before switching to Monosnap then to Droplr. Here are some points and differences.

  1. Windows Only: so no Mac client (other than Chrome extension) and no mobile web
  2. No Editing: Once annotation is created and closed, it's flattened. Markup Hero provides forever editing
  3. Muti-Page Support: Can't create markups with multiple pages; essential for PDF's, also useful for grouping together and sharing single links as well as collaboration (sending file to multiple people and each does own markup version)
  4. Annotate Anything: We want to make annotation universal, meaning more than just images and screenshots. Today you can annotate: images, screenshots, URL's, PDF's, Google Docs/Sheets/Slides. Down the line many more formats
  5. Integration Philosophy: Screenpresso and most others focus on 2 types of integrations a) paste link and show preview and b) click from annotation to send to another tool. Our philosophy is a bit different. We have the A, paste link and see preview (Slack, SMS, FB, TW, Discord, etc. etc). But we see that it's easy to copy and paste link or image into whatever program you want, it's just faster. So we provide ways to "open with" Markup Hero. So from Slack or from Google Drive you can instantly open an image, PDF, Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, into an annotation window. More tools will be added like this.
  6. Innovation: Screenpresso has been around longer; we're pretty early, so they have a few annotation tools that we don't (curved arrow for example). On our roadmap, will be built soon -- we're iterating fast, not sure how frequently SP is updating or taking feedback and iterating. This appears to be a problem across the industry; Droplr for example hasn't made an update in 18 months. There is still a lot of innovation to be had here: collaboration, sharing options, integrations, annotation tools, etc.