You can now add more users to Markup Hero with our Teams feature. Any paid Super Hero account can add additional team members.

Adding Team Members

  1. Go to My Account under the main menu when you are logged into your account 
  2. Click Add Team Member 
  3. Enter Email of the person you want to invite. If you have a copuon code enter it to apply that discount. Bonus: you can use the same coupon you used for your main account, but the coupon must be ANNUAL if you are on an annual plan or MONTHLY if you are on a monthly plan. Don't have a coupon, see below!
  4. Your billing amount will be automatically pro-rated for the remainder of the renewal period for your main account and shown to you.
  5. Your new user will be notified of the invite and can create an account or merge an existing account with yours if they already have a free or paid account.

Removing Team Members

  1. Go to My Team from the main menu
  2. Click Remove for the team member you want removed. 
  3. Choose which other team member, including yourself, you want to transfer any markups that team member has, or choose to just delete their markups upon removal from team. A credit for remaining time not used in a pay period will be shown.

Centralized Billing and Viewing Invoices

Billing for you and your team members will happen on the credit card you have on file. You can now download your invoices from your account and keep your accounting team happy. 

  1. Go to My Account from the main menu and click View Invoices

Need a Coupon Code?

We got you covered!

  • 1 Month Free on a Monthly Plan Use Code: 1MONTHFREE
  • 3 Months Free on an Annual Plan Use Code: 3MONTHFREE