There is overlap to be sure, but a few things we have now and in roadmap that start to set us apart.

  1. Lack of Innovation: Cloudapp and Droplr (in particular) aren't iterating or innovating on the annotation side much these days. Droplr no releases at all in a while. Cloudapp frequent releases, but seem to be focused on their Dropbox competitive nature more than screenshot and annotation needs.
  2. Annotate Anything: We want to make annotation universal, meaning more than just images and screenshots. Today you can annotate: images, screenshots, URL's, PDF's, Google Docs/Sheets/Slides. Down the line many more formats.
  3. Editing Annotations: Our whole philosophy is to allow for editing of annotations whereas most tools (CA, DR included) flatten your annotation after complete. This also opens our product up to more collaborative options like shared editing, layered editing, even real-time editing potentially
  4. Unique Annotation Tools: We don't want to have everything so we won't have all that Snagit has for example, we feel that's going to far into the Photoshop realm. But we do want more than what current screenshot/annotation tools offer. Things like: Image Pasting, Multi-Page Markups, Crop/Resize, Commenting, Steps, etc.
  5. Real Integrations: Most tools tout they have tons of integrations, but mostly they are "paste a link and see a preview" -- that's PAR from our standpoint and we do that. But our integrations with Slack and Google Drive are examples of real integrations that are useful.

    For Slack, you can click on any image or PDF shared by you or anyone else and open in the annotation window. For Drive you can "open with" any file and immediately annotate. We want to expand the "open with" philosophy.

Given that Markup Hero is a much newer product and company, we do fall short of Cloudapp and Droplr in a few areas, however all of these items are on our roadmap and we expect to have them launched very soon.

Mostly these are in the realm of "teams" features, so things like: custom domain, custom branding, user management, sharing with teams, etc.

We will build all that and more which shown on our

One other comment is that for now, and maybe forever, we don't do video. We feel there are amazing solutions like Loom that do that exclusively.