Why do we require you to create a free Hero account?

At present, we offer 2 free plans: Sidekick and Hero. We require you to signup for Hero and create a user account to continue using Markup Hero beyond 5 screenshots or markups.

We have this requirement for two primary reasons:

  1. Ensure your files are tied to your user account and are not lost
  2. Provide exceptional customer service and support

What is the difference between Sidekick, Hero and Superhero?


  • Pricing: Free
  • No account required
  • 5 file uploads (screenshots/images/pdfs/websites/markups)
  • Edit markups for 1 day


  • Pricing: Free
  • User account required
  • 30 file uploads (screenshots/images/pdfs/websites/markups)
  • Edit markups 3 days


  • Pricing: from $4/month (You can cancel at any point)
  • User account required
  • Unlimited file uploads (screenshots / scrolling screenshots / images / pdfs / websites / markups / Google Docs / Google Sheets/ Google Slides)
  • Edit markups and access history indefinitely
  • Custom privacy and sharing options
  • History organization with titles, collections and starring

See the entire feature comparison chart here.