Most people create a ton of screenshots and markups every day. Sometimes these can be one-and-done and you have no need to find or edit them. But most of the time you'll want to find past markups -- the ones you created as well as ones you've viewed from share links. Markup Hero makes it easy for you to do just this.

Saving Markups You Created

Every markup you've ever created is saved in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. When you go to, scroll down to see your history which is listed under My Markups. You will see when it was created and how long ago you last edited it. The list will auto-sort to most recently edited at the top!

Pro Tip

Markup Hero will save your markups even when you aren't logged in or if you don't have an account yet. After you login or create a free account we'll associate your history with your account.

Markups You Viewed (created by others)

Ok, so you've got a list of your own markups, but what about the markups that other people shared with you. Yep, we've got that too. This is key because often people share markup links via email, Slack, Skype, SMS or other collaboration tools and it's a bit of a pain to go back and find certain links. Markup Hero does that work for you. Just navigate to your history on and click on Viewed By Me to see a list of all the markups that were created by other people, where you viewed the share link. The list will be auto-sorted to what you viewed most recently at the top.

Pro Tip

We store everything, but we only show you markups you created or viewed within the last 24 hours until you create an account. It's free, but we need a place to associate your files, so don't delay on creating a user account.

Editing Markups You Created

Editing your markups is as simple as creating them. From your history click the markup you want to open, then begin editing. Your changes are automatically updated and saved. So jump around, from markup to markup, duplicate to create new markups — have fun.

Pro Tip

Since markup links will always show the latest version, any markups you create and modify will instantly update for anyone you shared the link with.

Editing Markups You Viewed (created by others)

To edit a markup someone shared with you, simply hit the duplicate button. Now you can edit any annotations and add your own.