Link Share Permissions


By Nicolas Russo-Larsson

updated about 1 month ago

Every markup now has link share permissions which determine whether a link can be viewed by others. By default, link share permissions are set to public. Private link settings are only available for Superhero accounts.

Link privacy can be set by selecting the dropdown in the top right navigation of a markup. Superhero accounts can set default permission levels in their settings screen which is accessed from the top right user menu or directly here:

Note: Public and private links work like Google and Dropbox links

Public Links

  • Anyone with this link can view whether are logged in or not (i.e. Sidekick, Hero or Superhero accounts)
  • Anyone with this link can re-share whether they are logged in or not
  • Only Hero or Superhero users with this link can duplicate and edit

Private Links

  • Only you (i.e. the owner) can view, duplicate or edit the markup

Pro Tip

Superhero users have the option to set all existing markups to private by clicking the link on the my settings page. 

Coming Soon

Superhero users will soon be able to create auto-expiring links by days or date as well as inviting other Markup Hero users to view or edit private links.

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